How is the PCR test done?

A swab sample is taken from the nose and throat with a thin cotton swab.

How is the antibody test done?

Antibody test is performed by taking blood from the finger.

Are antibody tests safe?

Antibody tests are considered to have high sensitivity and accuracy. Using these tests together with PCR can also increase the chance of correct diagnosis.

What are the differences between PCR and Antibody tests?

PCR is an Antigen test and reveals whether the person is sick or not, it indicates the presence of an acute infection.

The purpose of the PCR test is to catch the positive case as soon as possible and start treatment at an early stage according to the person’s condition or to isolate these people from the society quickly.

Antibody tests, on the other hand, show the antibodies formed in the person, whether he has had an infection before, in what period of the fight against the virus and whether immunity has developed.

IgM antibodies indicate an early stage response of the immune system, with symptoms appearing within the first two weeks after infection.

IgG type antibodies are positive on the 15th day at the earliest and show the body’s immunity against the virus that causes COVID-19.